Strategic Aerospace Initiative (SAI)

Group Overview

The Strategic Aerospace Initiative (SAI) is carrying out research on the analysis and design of complex aerospace system such as launch vehicles, satellite constellations, and the lunar exploration system. We are addressing the high-level strategic issues which have huge impact on the value of the system.

Research Direction

    • Holistic and System-Centric: Focus on the concept design, architecture study, and integrated design of multidisciplinary systems, rather than concentrate on subsystems and related technologies
    • Bridging between Engineering and Management: Apply the methodologies in management science such as financial analysis and risk analysis to the engineering systems projects to be used during the initiation, design, realization, and operation phases of the system’s lifecycle.
    • Considering Future: Design a system so that system can mitigate risks and secure potential opportunities coming from the uncertainty lying in technological, political, and economic environment.


Prof. Jaemyung Ahn

Phone:  +82-42-350-3730

Fax:  +82-42-350-3710